DIY Upholstery Repair Tips

March 28, 2013

Upholstery damages usually make an item look old and unkempt, and you may even be thinking of kicking it out all together. But not so fast! There are a number of relatively simple procedures that you can undertake to restore your furniture. The first step is to purchase a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit which contains all the required materials of upholstery repair.

The easiest to repair is cloth upholstery. This should be carried out as soon as it occurs to prevent any further damage. Minor tears can be mended by sewing with needle and thread. A matching color of thread is recommendable to make the repaired spot as inconspicuous as possible. Remove the cushion covers slightly to form a slack in the material allowing you to sew. You can also create a slack by squeezing the fabric together with clamps.

If patching is required, use pieces of excess material taken from the furniture’s underside or the side of the cushion. Speaking of the cushion, it can easily be removed from the chair frame to make the process easier. Short, close stitches work best in holding the fabric together. Finally, trim off any hanging thread for a neat finish.

Major tears can be catered for by the DIY cloth upholstery repair kit. It contains several pieces of fabric that are neutral in color, and a clear adhesive. For optimal results, trim the torn area into an oval shape so that it’s less noticeable. Apply some clear adhesive then carefully position the patch. If you cannot find matching fabric in the kit, you can extract a piece of excess material from the furniture’s underside or cushion.Upholstery Repair

Leather upholstery repair can also be carried out quite readily. Leather, being relatively expensive, should be handled with optimal care to avoid irreparable damages. The DIY kit used in repairing leather upholstery contains an adhesive filler, coloring compound and a sub-patch. Start with trimming the torn area with scissors to get rid of any charred material. Insert the patch under the tear. Use adhesive filler to seal the area. Finally, mix the liquid with coloring compound until it matches the leather and apply it over the patch.

Upholstery repair involving dining room chairs is best done by first removing the cushions from the frame. In most cases, cushions are attached to the chair frames using wood screws. These screws are easily removable whenever necessary. The fabric upholstery that covers the cushion is normally fixed using furniture tacks or staples. Remove the tacks/staples and do away with the old fabric. Measure and cut new upholstery material and cover the cushions. With that, your dining room will have acquired a new look without denting your bank account.

These are just some of the methods that you can use to carry out upholstery repairs around your house. They all carry the advantage of being budget friendly yet will maintain the neat look of your furniture. However, should you be dealing with extensive damages, it is advisable to call in an expert to ensure that your furniture is successfully restored.

Here’s What You Can Do with an Upholstery Repair Kit

Do-It-Yourself Vinyl Upholstery Repair

March 28, 2013

For some people, vinyl upholstery is something that they prefer for their house furniture as well as for their car interior. They are often fade-resistant and durable. This kind of upholstery will usually last for a long time if properly maintained. But it is inevitable to get your vinyl upholstery damaged at some point. This is when you make the necessary vinyl upholstery repair done.

You may feel a bit frustrated when your precious vinyl upholstery gets ripped because your pet dog or cat just could not help but scratch their paws on it. The heartbreaking part is that you cannot keep your upholstery protected by wrapping it with plastic. Usually, when this kind of material gets damaged, it will cost almost half of the price that you have spent for it. The best way to reduce this kind of expenditure on a repair is to learn how you can fix it all by yourself. Sure enough, once you have learned the basics of repairing upholstery, you will be able to repair any other kind of damage in the future.

Vinyl Upholstery Holes

This is very easy to do. A ‘vinyl repair kit‘ is to be used for this kind of method. What you need to do first is to find an excess piece of ‘vinyl upholstery’ in an area which is not too visible. This can be located under the furniture. After you have located this part, cut it to take away the excess material. Make sure it is large enough to cover up the hole that you are going to mend.

From the ‘repair kit’, squeeze adhesive onto rear part of the cloth. Put this at the back part of the spot where the hole is. Using the tiny iron-on patch, smoothen this on the covered hole. Most of the time, this fabric adhesive comes with the vinyl upholstery repair kit that you have and can be used to insure extra durability for the repaired area.Vinyl Upholstery Repair

Vinyl Repair Compound

Unlike the vinyl hole, this kind of damage is very tedious to repair. You need to be more patient in tailoring this kind of damage. Using your repair kit, you can repair the damage on your vinyl upholstery easily. You are also required to buy a repair compound which can be bought from hardware stores for about $15- $20 per tube.

Same instructions apply for repairing a hole and a compound. After ironing it successfully on the area that comes with the repair kit that you have, let the fixed area cool down for about 10-15 minutes. Using light-grit sandpaper, you need to abrade the area carefully for about an inch around the hole or tear. Apply thin layer of ‘vinyl primer’ on the repaired area using a sponge or a wet cloth.

Place a layer of the vinyl primer that you have bought over the patched part using a ‘dull butter knife.’ Make sure that you do not go far past the repaired area’s boundaries. Let it stand for 20 minutes.

Tips on Leather Upholstery Repair

March 28, 2013

It seems that many of us will pick furniture which is upholstered in leather and that is most of the times due to the comfort they offer us and also the massive durability, compared to other materials. In general, people will consider leather for couch seats, for sofas and so on, but as time will pass, the leather seats will fade and crack, causing the couch seats and the sofa to appear tattered and aged.

The reasons for the cracking are multiple and they include the normal tear and wear, the weather conditions and of course, the lack of care. When you’re dealing with one such problem though, you will need to make sure you consider a leather upholstery repair kit.

When you will consider a kit, they will generally come with plenty of color selections, a palette knife, sponge applicators, spray unit, leather prep, finishing sprays and of course, gloves. Before you get the kit, you should make sure it includes the previously listed items and that it also has the color you need for repairing your leather furniture.

Before you begin the leather upholstery repair process, you will have to use a sheet of plastic in order to cover the area in which you will work in. you may also make use of old newspapers to protect your couch or the wooden areas of your sofa. It might be though that the seats are removable and in this regard, you can just go ahead and remove them. And if there is something you don’t understand or would like to get more info on, you can get in touch with a furniture repair shop or read the kit’s manual.

At this point, you will have to get a wet sponge and prepare your leather seats. Use the cleaning solution on the leather and then use the rasping pad so you wipe it properly. When you will do this, the original finish will be removed. You will have to continue doing so until you will see the color will be removed to the point in which you will see the lower color being exposed. Now, you need to get an alcoholic cleaner and a moist pad so you can wash down the leather. After doing so, allow the leather thirty minutes to dry off.Leather Upholstery Repair

After you have waited for thirty minutes, you should grab the palette knife from the leather upholstery repair kit and apply a layer of filler. The affected cracks and portions must be filled in with a thin layer, so be careful with this step. After you will apply it, you will need to wait for around 3 to 5 minutes to it will completely dry.

Last but not least, you will have to apply a few other layers of color and rub the color in using a cloth or a clean sponge. All wrinkles and spaces will have to be properly filled with color, so make sure you get it right. After applying the color, all you will need to do is wait for it to fully dry and after that, get the finishing spray and apply a thin coat. And that is what a leather upholstery repair entails. Good luck with yours!

Boat Upholstery Repair – To Make It Look As Good As New

March 28, 2013

Boats are indeed expensive investments and hence proper care and maintenance is essential to ensure utmost safety of the boat. Proper care of the boat upholstery ensures that the boat remains in a good condition for years without encountering any major issues. As the boat is exposed to the scorching sun and the harsh elements, the boat’s upholstery experiences much wear and tear. Regular cleaning ensures extended life of the upholstery. However time and use may eventually take a toll on the boat. A tear in the boat upholstery is a cause for serious concern as the repair costs are relatively high. Boat upholstery repair is a vital part of many boat repair services who are experts in repairing and replacing original upholstery.

Need for marine upholstery repair:

With boats being expensive, any upholstery damage may depreciate the boat’s value. Boat upholstery not only adds charm to your boat but also protects the interior. It determines how comfortable a person can sail in the boat. However, due to frequent sailing in the ocean for long distances and owing to excess use boat’s upholstery is subject to frequent wear and tear. Large damaged areas may require replacement of the upholstery itself and small tears or holes needs to be repaired. Boat upholstery repair is highly essential to conserve the beauty, quality and longevity of the boat covers and upholstery.

Services of marine upholstery repair companies:

The professionally trained technician can restore all the interiors to make it look new again. Be it the boat seat cushions or plastic trims their team of refurbishing experts maintains and mends to assure you of utmost satisfaction. Natural elements may deteriorate the quality of the fabric and may cause tears, holes, cracks, scratches, burns, fades and stains too. The upholstery restoration specialists clean and refurbish the upholstery fabric by implementing the advanced fabric restoration process. They offer mildew removal and odor elimination also. They incorporate proven techniques to remove the damaging mold and mildew formation from the fabric and also restore damages caused on account of smoke, odor or fire. These specialists undertake to repair engine enclosures, tops, ceilings, beds and carpeting too.

Do -it -yourself boat vinyl upholstery repair:Boat Upholstery Repair

Vinyl upholstery is very expensive and when they get damaged it is advisable to use a vinyl repair kit to make small repairs. With a clean cloth and soap water solution, you can gently wipe the surface of the damaged spot. In case of minor tears pour a pliable liquid gel onto the tear area and spread it with a knife to let it dry. In case of deep tears a vinyl compound can be spread and once it dries spread a color compound over it to make the surface look even. Once the color compound is semi-dry patch it up with the upholstery texture pattern available in the tool kit to ensure that the surface looks as same as the original. A good upholstery kit will have all the essential tools to implement the repair work with utmost perfection.


By repairing and re-dyeing tears, scuffs, holes, fades and scratches in your boat upholstery you will definitely feel that you have spent a fortune on your boat’s interiors.

Knowing More About Car Upholstery Repair

March 28, 2013

If you have a car and you want to make sure that it looks as good as new for a very long time, then you will definitely need to consider a car upholstery repair service from time to time. It doesn’t actually matter whether you have a classic car or the latest SUV model on the market, because when you take a look on the inside, the upholstery is the one that makes you say “wow”. That is why in order to make sure you always get this feeling when getting into your car, you will have to maintain it properly. If you disregard the fact that is has been damaged by a tear or a puncture, in time, the problem will get much worse.

Now, you might have a leather, vinyl or cloth upholstery and depending on the kind you have, there are different car upholstery repair techniques to be used. If you would like to do it on your own, then you will need to do some research on the repair kits you will need to use and they can generally be found online. And as with everything, these kits will vary in quality quite a lot. While some of them are good, others can be great, given the fact that an experienced individual will use them.

It could be that you are at your first upholstery repair project and if this is the case, you should know that the majority of people who are trying to do this on their own will not get great results. That is why if you don’t trust in your skills, it’s better you will call in a professional. This is especially the case if you really care about the appearance of your car a lot, but since you already purchased one such kit, then it’s clear what your answer is going to be.Car Upholstery Repair

In what regards car upholstery repair, you should only consider it for very small punctures or rips. These kits will generally not work for the larger tears, because they were not designed for them. Even though in many cases the results will look ok, there are some cases in which the repair will be visible. If you’re dealing with great upholstery damage, then it’s better you will consider getting in touch with a professional.

You should never try to do this on your own if you don’t have any experience at all and you care a lot about the appearance of your upholstery. You will only damage it even more and eventually it may be even impossible for the technician to repair it properly, so that it looks good. Before you start on repairing your upholstery, it’s best you will take a drive to a vehicle upholstery repair shop and ask them for a quote. Ask them to also provide you before and after pictures, so that you’re convinced of their experience. Remember, by going with a professional car upholstery repair service you will manage saving a lot of time and eventually getting amazing results, without having to worry about you undertaking the project and messing it all up.